Sunday, November 23, 2008

The New Family Member

There is a girl who has this blog and if you have never read it you need to head on over there right now. Well not right now after you read this post about her and my new family member.

June is obsessed with animals. She picks dogs up off the street and goes to the dog park and lets dogs pee on her leg. She finds stray cats at work. You no the obsessed animal type. She's the type that just loves animals no matter what they do. My 14 year old likes to look at her blog and the two of us laugh like crazy at her all the time. My husband has yet to figure out who this June is or where we know her from. But we can be riding down the road and just spit out something that June said and crack ourselves up.

Anyway, to the point of the new family member. Yesterday at the mall there were 10 million people so we decided to leave and since we didn't have anything better to do we went to visit the animal shelter. We were just going to visit and talk to the dogs. Then we saw this puppy. Somehow we started talking about when June decided to do DNA tests on her dog and all the time she thought the dog had some lab in her it was Pit Bull. We went outside and took some pictures to bring home to show the rest of the family. Once we got home we didn't wait on anyone else we just turned right around and went back to the shelter and picked up that little puppy.

Of course we had to think of some really cute name for the puppy and you know the best we could come up with - JUNE. Yep, she's a June alright. We have no idea what kind she is other than a mix. But she acts like a June, looks like a June, and whines not that June ever whines.

Let me tell you the husband wasn't real happy about this new edition. I tried to tell him I picked her up on the side of the road but I couldn't just lie. And guess who else DOES NOT LIKE Miss June. Our 8 year old rescue dog, Lucky. She's so mad she won't even sit beside me on the sofa.
One last thing. June poops all the time. I need help. How do I train her to go outside?

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Anonymous said...


Congratulations! And I love how annoyed Lucky looks!

Okay, first of all? Crate training really worked for us. Otherwise? Taking them out 750 times a day and saying "Good girl!" as though it were the best thing on earth that they did when they get it right seemed to work.

And only if you catch them IN THE ACT do you say "NO!" and take them outside if you see them going in the house.

OMG I am so excited for you and so honored! That puppy is ridiculously cute! And you adopted it from a shelter! You are good people. Please tell your husband I am sorry. Please also tell Lucky I am similarly sorry.

arlene said...

Your June is as cute as its namesake. Not the big hair though. Lil Junie will, hopefully, win Daddy and Lucky over with her puppy cuteness.

Gigi said...

Well who could resist that widdle face. Tell Mr. Lucky there's a new dog in town, he'd better SHAPE UP.

Gigi said...

Hmm, I mean MS. Lucky. Sorry, poochie, you have a gender neutral name, unlike JUNE.

Gladys said...

What a cute puppy. My mother's name was June, but we called her Mona. I know that is totally random info but just thought I'd share. I wanted to go to the pound yesterday but will not let myself go. I have three dogs already that don't belong to me. I mean they are just visiting. Well at least that's what I keep telling my husband.

I love June on Bye, Bye Pie. She's how I found you!

Melissa said...

Ohmygawsh!! That is the cutest puppy in the entire blogosphere!! :o) You certainly made a great choice picking her.
One thing I know about puppies is that they have small bladders and intestines, and should be let outside (or walked) in a month-to-hour ratio. For instance, when June is 3 months old, she can wait 3 hours, 4 months old = 4 hours, etc.
And crate training is the best!
I'm sure June's new daddy and her new sister will fall in love with her very, very soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm big June's mother. Your puppy is adorable and looks like our little Goldie. Anyway, please get a book on dog training. It will make everything easier. I never used crates but have had great success with taking them out when they wake up from a nap or any sleep, after play, after eating. It's kind of like people do. If you tell her "hurry up" and then praise her when she does, you can give her the command to "hurry up" in front of others without using embarrassing terms. Thank you for taking that beautiful puppy. Congratulations, and I love the name. I'm a grandma.

Anonymous said...

she is pooping all the time because she is new. she is nervous and her diet has changed probably. i am a dog rescue ranger and i am so glad you adopted! way to go. if junes tummy does not settle down soon, you can cook her some white rice with a little hamburger meat in it and the rice will settle her tummy! congrats!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!

The best housebreaking I've done is putting the dog's nose near whatever they've done (if you catch them in the act) and yelling and then putting them outside. Make sure to be reallllllly excited when they go outside!

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